Wood Fired Ovens

Harness the heat to deliver fantastic flavour.

After many many request’s for an oven just for fun evenings,

We have designed a single chambered oven which will suit most of those requirements

The oven weighs around 225 kilo’s,(were our premium model is 680-720kilos)  so it can be man handled into position

There is also a steel stand option, S/S flu, range of finishes, AND the option of a dividing wall, that will stop most of the radiant heat (ph for more info)

Our new oven has finally been completed

We have managed to include a ceramic blanket inner layer, which will hold temperature on the inside, and reduce heat on the outside, the combined thickness is 90mm

We have also included a 30mm layer of Calcium Silicate, which is positioned when the bottom plate is poured, this helps  stop heat escaping through the floor, and also retains heat inside the chamber, one more advantage is it reduces the overall weight of the oven.

IMG_0812 IMG_0810  IMG_3770optional tile and stone finish

The oven is 1200 long, by 830 wide, the entry will accommodate a large roasting dish, 350mm wide

Mosaic finishes are available in a range of stone and grout colours

The big plus with this ovens is, “it comes in a kit set option”

For more information, please e-mail, or phone us, (contact page)

 Single Chamber Oven starts at $2300 incl:gst,  Kit Set @ $1700 incl:gst



Wood Fired Ovens Brisbane

The following, are wood fired pizza ovens available in Brisbane Queensland.( interstate can be arranged)

Java Stone, limited edition -no longer available

BUT , there is a new range of mosaic stone, please phone to view

Mosaic finishes start at $5650 incl: gst



River Stone – $5650 incl: gst

These period style ovens,  are available in 25 different oxide entry colours, with your choice of coloured grout

The mosaic tiles in the entry, and surround, are available in black, blue, green, and white

To order or view one of these ovens, please contact us




Ironstone Classic – $4850 incl: gst

Black/Grey Entry

Mosaic black tile

Dulux Texture Coat Finish ( ironstone)

Our Dulux Medium Texture coat oven finishes, are available in most Dulux colours

there are also 25 different oxide colours for your face plate and entry

finishing tiles are available in several colours

To order or view one of these ovens, please contact us



Insitu Build

Some sites have limited access and the oven needs to be assembled on-site .there are 9 individually  moulded pieces, there is over 50 hours work to complete the oven