Harness the heat to deliver fantastic flavour.

Curing Your Oven

Pyrocrete 145 AFT which your oven is made of, MUST be fired in, the first fire must NOT exceed 100C, (boiling point for water)  and run for around 6  hours. Once the oven has cooled, the second fire must NOT exceed 250-280C, and run for 3-4 hours, after cooling, the third and final firing must NOT exceed 350C and run for 4 hours minimum. Once your oven has  cooled, the oven is ready for any temperature required for cooking. “Please Note” our ovens have been pre-cured, BUT you still need to follow the above instructions.



Iron bark is one of the best timbers to use, however, any Australian hardwood with a red colouring, is normally OK to use, black wattle also works well.

DO NOT use the following, as they may contaminate your food, or even poison you and your  family and friends.

Treated Pine, Hardwood from old building sites, (may contain termite poisons) Tallowwood, or any timber with a high tannin %, Railway sleepers (contains oils, brake fluid etc…) Coal or BBQ bricks, (contain petroleum products )

Cooking Methods

Pizza:     Have oven @ 350-360 C, for authentic european style Pizza, place Pizza directly onto cooking platform, cooking will take between 2-4 minutes, for Australian/NZ style Pizza  place pizza stone 15-18 minutes prior to cooking,have oven at 280-320 C,  takes 5-9 minutes,pending how much topping,    if using home-made dough with steel tray , place straight onto cooking platform, 7-9 minutes to cook

Lamb:    Lamb Rack,   for four, elevate of the cooking platform, @180 C, takes 55-65 minutes, pending fat content, please dont cook any faster,  Leg or shoulder @180C, 90-110 minutes, @ 220C reduce time by 20 minutes approx

Pork Ribs:     260 C,  for 18-25 minutes, depending on fat content, based every 5 minutes

Casserole:   Wait for oven to cool to 160 C,  with flu and slide plate on fire door open, then close FULLY OFF slide plate and flu valve, this will give you 160 C,  reducing to 120 C over 8 hours

Pork Roast:    Family size pork roast, will take around 1 hour 50 minutes, @ 180C, rub butter well into the scoured skin, then heavily salt, rub salt well in with the  butter, lightly salt again, have your oven at 220 for the first 10 minutes ONLY, then back off to 180 C, ENSURE you have your pork roast elevated completely off the cooking platform, you will never taste crackle like this oven produces

Steak:          Heat oven to 400+C place steak on a mesh tray 25-35mm off the cooking platform, a 50mm thick eye fillet will take 9 minutes medium rear

Bread:        180C is the ideal temperature for bread in this oven, and will take between 26-35 minutes depending on variety, you can place a tray of water next to the bread for added crusty top



Internally, all you have to do is light a good size fire in the fired chamber and open vents and flu to full open ( obtain 450C + and your oven will self clean).

Externally, try to wipe up all spills and fats straightaway. A good brushing down with sugar soap will remove most dirt and grime.

General Care

Seal your oven with a good quality concrete sealer every 18 months or so, (do not seal Texture coat).

“Old Faithful” was our first oven, see her story here.