Harness the heat to deliver fantastic flavour.

Why Bo’s Wood Fired Ovens ?

Over the past 13 years we have made several ovens, from many different designs. The conventional oven has a single chamber with the flu outside the cooking chamber, these are the most common wood fired ovens. We have designed a Single chamber oven that weighs under 220 kg’s, and has over twice the cooking area of a conventional oven.

oven-delivery-330We have also included a fired shield, that stops reflected heat from the coals burning one side of your food, this works by firstly heating your single chamber oven to your desired temperature, then you slide the curved fire shield into the oven, this picks up the coals and moves them to the rear of then oven, causing a barrier between the coals and your food, BUT allowing the heat to flow up and over the shield, and over your food to be cooked.

Bo’s Ovens Premier model have our dual chamber as described in our home page, these ovens cook anything with the precision of a good European oven, but with the added advantage of flavour only obtained by a wood fired oven, Bo’s premier ovens are unique, they have  been modified for maximum efficiency. They don’t use much wood, they will withstand heat up to 1400 degrees Celsius, but the main advantage is your heat control.

If for example, you have heated your oven and its sitting on 350 C, you can turn the oven down to 200C within minutes, by way of a laser cut  butterfly value in the flu. (which is positioned in the cooking chamber) and a slide valve on the fired chamber door.

The Oven works on the drawing of air from the bottom fire chamber, and through portals in the centre cooking platform, when the flu and slide valve are  fully open it produces heat up to and over 420C, when they are closed off a little, the heat reduces accordingly.

This allows you to cook anything from chicken, pork, fish, curry’s, stews, Pizza’s, Steak, almost anything, Pavlova has been successful.

The oven is internally insulated with a ceramic blanket, this keeps the outside temperature of the Oven below 40 C, the kids are safe.

Bo’s Wood Fired Ovens are available in a variety of mosaic finishes, we have acrylic finishes in most Dulux colours. One of these ovens would be a beautiful feature in your back yard, or entertaining area.

Bo’s Wood Fired Ovens, proven for over 13 years

roast-425See our first oven here. Bo’s wood fired ovens are constructed from Pyrocrete, or ceramic concrete. The Pyrocrete has stainless steel needles throughout, which makes the oven stronger than steel, these needles are .5mm thick, and 25mm long. There is NO reinforcing mesh in the construction, this would only cause fracturing on the mesh lines, sooner or later

General maintenance and cleaning is advised to keep the oven looking in tip top condition, but is not essential. When required a good clean with sugar soap will bring your oven up to near new condition.

We recommend the outside only of your oven is sealed every 18 months or so, with a good quality concrete sealer, this keeps moisture out, and makes easy cleaning.(ONLY FOR MOSAIC FINISHES).

There is an initial period when the oven needs to be “Fired In” this means for the first 3-4 times the oven is fired up, the fire starts off very small, not exceeding 100c,, and each time growing slightly larger, until all moisture is pushed out and the ceramic concrete becomes harder than steel. At this stage you can obtain temperatures over 420C, the oven is rated to 1400C, but it is not very likely you will be wanting to try to cook in those conditions.

In December 2017, the business was sold to Joel Whipp from Allfresco Outdoor Kitchens.

For a personal display of how this oven works, and to answer all other questions please phone Joel on 0432 397 210